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Mike Kravitz
Nephew of Hall of Fame studio drummer Hal Blaine, I began playing drums and percussion at an early age in Southern California. While in high school I joined the "Good Feelins". My friend and organ player Paul, invited me into the band. I was the baby of the group at 16 1/2 and known as " happy-go-lucky" Mike. I then brought the band's demo record "I'm Captured" to a personal friend of my family, Bill Bellman. Bill had done some early things with my uncle Hal. Finally with the right manager and promotions, Bill landed us a contract with Liberty Records, at the time the #3 label in the music market. We were on top of the world for about a minute and a half, doing many concerts, opening for many hit bands of the time. Eric Burden and the Animals, Grass Roots, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Music Machine, Troggs, etc. To make a long story short, we were 3 up and 3 down, and Liberty dropped us. A lot had to do with us losing two members to the Viet Nam war. I continued to play through college and then toured the country with a couple of bands, including a tour and album with The Chambers Brothers. After touring the United States in the 70’s and early 80’s with various musical acts I relocated to Phoenix. (I did try my hand in the restaurant biz, prior to going to Phoenix, only to have my hair turn grey.)

Playing many different styles of rhythms, from Rock to Country to Jazz, has allowed me to become an in-demand drummer in the valley in live performances as well as studio recording, and doing shows for the Phx Theatre.

I have been employed as the staff drummer at St. Patricks Catholic Church in Scottsdale Az. for the past fifteen years. Also giving private lessons to youngsters, as well as adults, weekly.
The re-union of the "Good Feelins" in the summer of 2008, 40 years after our last show, has been a huge thrill for me and the guys. With the release of our new single "Take It Home" written by the one and only Ken Myers, the "GF"are off and running again, with plans for the future, recording and doing some shows.
Happy-go-Lucky Mike signing off!