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Paul Balletti

I started playing the accordion at age 5. I was an accomplished player by age 11, and won several talent contests. At 12, I quit playing accordion and didn't play any instruments for 4 years. At age 16, I bought a Wurlitzer electric piano and formed a band with my brother, Mike, and another friend. We knew 5 songs and played at the local YMCA for 5 dollars each.
Then I met Gerry and a guy named Tom Robbins who were playing with Carl Hubert, the remaining member of "The Genteels" of "Take It Off" fame. I joined their band and then met Ray. We played together until Carl left for L.A. with Jim Messina to be rock 'n' roll stars. Then came Tom Grunwald on drums, and Kenny joined. Tom recorded the original "I'm Captured" with the band, but he had many personal problems so he left and I then introduced "Happy-Go-Lucky Mike."
My high-points with the band were the short bits of fame we had, the many now legend bands we played with, and most importantly, the great friendships that were developed along the way. We were never the best individual instrument players in town, but as a group we were darn good.
Now, 40 years later, we are all much better human beings, God fearing, and we will now try to rekindle that magic we had in the late 60's. Praise the Lord!