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Steve Lowe

My favorite Jackson Brown song, The Barricades of Heaven, mentions a teenage friend of Brown's who was "just trying to find his song." That sentiment describes most first generation baby boomers that grew up in the era of the birth of rock 'n' roll. We wanted to enter into that experience, make our mark, and have stories to tell.

I began playing guitar in 1960 at the age 14, got my first electric a year later (a sunburst Gibson SG junior), and was in my first band - The Ultimates - that same year. It was a really good band and I was fortunate to have Hal and then Jesse as experienced lead guitarists to steal leads and tricks. And, steal I did! The Ultimates were followed by The Strange Ones who were followed by the Soul Sound of Squeek. By then, playing Freddy King blues and a heavy dose of The Animals British interpretation of American blues made a permanent mark; I knew what music pleased my soul.

I joined the Good Feelin's in 1968 and found musicians that could sing as well as they played. Original songs were intertwined with classics like Crossroads, Born Under a Bad Sign, and other tasty delights like our break song, Stepping Out. Mike, Gerry, and Paul were great to work with and we made some good money plowing the Inland Empire's best venues. We had songs playing on the airwaves and a local reputation that served us well. In our small pond, we were somebody and it felt wonderful.

Now, forty years later, we are back in the studio and "still just trying to find our song." Thanks to Kenny, we have one we like. We hope you like it as well. Joining the sentiments of Paul, I also praise God for allowing a rich and full life. God bless.